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Magnesium Oil Vital Spray

Casida Magnesium Oil Vital Spray is a new, innovative preparation of magnesium for muscle and body care. The high magnesium content in this Zechstein magnesium chloride solution brings the spray a smooth, nurturing and fluid texture. It contains no oil in nature, but has a silky feeling like oil.

Zechstein Magnesium Oil is a naturally-formed magnesium chloride solution for effective delivery of magnesium through the skin, and has regenerative and relaxing effects on fatigued muscles. Each milliliter of magnesium oil contains about 103mg elementary magnesium, and can be applied or sprayed directly on skin, making it ideal for massages, muscle relief and energy restoration, regenerative or general skincare.

For more information please visit Casida booth at 1E-L3C in COSMOProf Asia 2018 or check our website:

Locating in the Saxonian city Werdau in Germany, Casida GmbH & Co KG bears the goal of improving people’s health and well-being with the help of nature. Major products including magnesium oil and magnesium chloride products, Repair & Protect natural remedies, herbal care balms, botanical beauty serums, skin care oils, and health supplements. For more information please visit Casida website:

Exhibitor: Casida GmbH & CO KG