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Purebeau Tattoo Remover

Distortions, annoying tattoos or sloppy permanent make-up, oversized microblading or colour changes, the battle is now declared even without lasers. If you don't have a laser, you could only do this with a highly aggressive and protracted healing remover paste. Often the healing took more than 8 weeks and redness remained even longer. That's over now. The PUREBEAU Tattoo Remover is watery and treatments can be easily applied every 4 weeks as with permanent make up. Cleanse the skin with Octenisept and open the skin with your pigmentation device. Apply the remover and then process, clean and drip back into the wound. The tattoo remover on an organic basis irritates the skin and stimulates the lymph in addition to pigmenting with the needles. Depending on the depth, light bleeding may also occur. Clean again and again and repeat 3-4 times. This is followed by encrustation, which also sponges out the color pigments as they heal. So that the encrustation does not break and remains supple, one can easily apply some aloe vera again and again.

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Exhibitor: Purebeau new cosmetics GmbH