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ERBE® Premium Design - Modular

Combine the individual parts to create your favorite individual set

different shapes, materials, colours and qualities are available.
Mix your favourite – combine the hand-made brushes and razors according to your taste - with a suitable holder, with or without a shaving bowl. This is how to create your favourite set!

There are three different razor head systems for each design model to choose from – Original Gillette Mach3 or Fusion and the traditional razor head.

The brush hair is available as luxurious silver-tipped badger hair, as high-quality, pure badger hair or as a vegan synthetic version. The handles are made of refined metal, scratch-resistant high-grade resin or natural woods.

All individual parts are expertly manufactured carefully by from the best materials. Every product is thoroughly tested before it leaves the manufacturing facility so that the morning care ritual becomes a genuine pleasure.

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Exhibitor: Becker-Manicure e.K.