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frei öl® Baby Oil

The difference between the baby skin and the skin of an adult is that it is much thinner and the horn layer is looser and more permeable. The frei öl® Baby Oil maintains skin's moisture for 8 hours with oat oil, strengthens the skin's protective barrier with re-fattening agents from organic sunflower oil, supports the natural development of healthy skin and soothes with vitamin E and protects the skin against diaper rash with plum stone oil. It is ideal as additional care for atopic exczema (neurodermatitis) with blackcurrant seed oil.

There are only five ingredients used, which are 100% natural and even 93% of organic quality:

  • Oat oil
  • Organic sunflower oil
  • Vitamin E
  • Plum stone oil
  • Blackcurrant seed oil

The ingredients are so natural, so gentle, they are even edible as they have been chosen according to food standards.
How about the application possibilities:
1. Baby care / Massage: Apply and massage in gently after bathing or washing and as required
2. Diaper area: Cleanse the area with the frei öl® Baby Oil at every diaper change
3. Add to bath: Pour a little bit of the frei öl® Baby Oil into the bathwater to reduce the drying effect of water to baby's skin.
4. Cradle cap: Massage your baby's head gently with a little frei öl® Baby Oil and leave the oil to be absorbed for several hours before rinsing/washing it off with warm water.

The frei öl® Baby Oil is an all-in-one care, which is not only suitable for baby skin but also for adults with very dry or sensitive skin. This product was developed together with mothers and pharmacists and its skin tolerance is scientifically proven. That was shown for example in an application test on adults with very dry skin, which showed a 100% refatting of the skin. Also the clinical studies showed anl increases of the skin moisture after only one application and confirm the protection effect.

Exhibitor: Apotheker Walter Bouhon GmbH