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The new Anti-aging Skincare line for demanding, fat-sensitive skin types. Mature mixed skin is a challenge in the cabin as well as in home care: The moisture content is normal or too low, the fat content is significantly increased and the skin is out of balance. The new BALANCE PRO products contain different active ingredients to help reducing these problems and to stabilize and refine the skin. All BALANCE PRO products are free of silicon and paraben and are non-comedogenic. The line contains following products: SOS Anti Spot Gel, Oleosa Control Treatment, Sicca Balancing Moisturizer and One Drop Balancing Serum. The BALANCE PRO products can also be used in different professional skincare treatments e.g. a treatment for impure, oily skin and mature acne or a treatment for mature mixed skin with sebum deposits. Find out more about the products under the link below.

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Exhibitor: MALU WILZ Beauté GmbH