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numis® med Sensitive Micellar technology

Micelles are formed by the aggregation of microscopic molecules that allow you to remove fat-soluble makeup residue and dirt easily without scrubbing vigorously or applying pressure. There is less skin irritation, which is why micelles are suitable for cleaning the sensitive eye area. Skin feels refreshed, pure and noticeably supple.

The range numis® med Sensitive Micellar contains the well balanced complex of micelle-technology, Hydrolactol® and SymCalmin® that allows you to clean your sensitive skin smoothly. It also reduces skin irritation.

numis® med sensitive Micellar supports natural moisture balance, removes make-up and sebum thoroughly and gently. It is perfume-free and can be used for eye area.
The range of numis® med Sensitive Micellar is dermatological tested. Providing high quality MADE IN GERMANY products.

Exhibitor: Mann & Schröder GmbH