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EVOBEAUTE, a highly specialized producer of eyelash products, offers a wide range of innovative products with a special ingredients complex.

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Evoeye eyelash formula helps stimulate the growth of your lashes with regards to length, volume, thickness and flexibility- in only 4 to 8 weeks.

Ideal mates are evoeye mascara advanced to transform your lashes into long and flashing lashes. Special ingredients supply your lashes with moisture and render them flexible and elastic.

Evoeye eyebrow formula will revitalize dormant hair follicles with visible results in vigor, strength and volume. Evoeye volume primer and volume mascara set the stage for fancy lashes.

Evoeye stardust waterproof mascara combines precious diamond powder with a waterproof mascara.

Evoeye eyeliner formula finishes up your look for glamorous eyes.

Glam up your lashes!

Evo Eye Eyelash Formula

With its special ingredient complex evoeye eyelash formula helps to stimulate the growth of your lashes with regard to length, thickness, fullness and flexibility- in only 4 to 8 weeks ! Every application not only extends the growth cycle of your lashes, but also nourishes and stimulates the hair cells.

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Evo Eye Eyebrow Formula

Sparse eyebrows can be effectively revitalized by the special combination of active ingredients in evoeye eyelash formula, It can reactivate dormant hair follicles and harness their full potential of growth. After just a few weeks of application, regrowth can be stimulated- for visible results more vigor, length and volume.

Evo Beauté Hair Serum

evobeauté hair serum works by directly inducing dermal papilla cells where hair growth occurs by prolonging the hair cycle and fighting hair loss. With congenital hair loss the DHT testosteron prevents the formation of the enery messenger c-AMP, which is necessary for the metabolism of the hair roots.

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