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About us

The „Paulig Eye Clinic“ is a world-famous global centre for eye surgery in Berlin with more than 20 years of experience in ophthalmology. We offer brand new methods of diagnostic procedures, non- invasive treatments and eye surgery of all kinds.

The founder and clinic director of „Paulig Eye Clinic“, is Dr. Sylvia Paulig. She is one of the world's most experienced eye surgeons, with around 100.000 self-performed surgeries.

The „Paulig Research Institute“ was founded to practice the scientific component in ophthalmology. In collaboration with other biochemists and biologists, Dr. Paulig enhances the development of products which can support and / or replace conservative treatment.

Dr. Paulig has achieved an excellent international reputation. Based on this knowledge and reputation, additionally to our uncomplicated and very gentle care, the „Paulig Eye Clinic“ and the „PAULIG AESTHETICS“ has been successfully treating a large number of international guests for many years.

Products and services

We have different Products wich we have developed.

  • Paulig Health Protect
  • Paulig Beauty Protect
  • Paulig Lipo Spray
  • Paulig Hangover Spray
  • Paulig AMD Protect
  • Paulig Aloe Vera Pads
  • Skin Care Pads
  • Paulig Hyaluron Ampoules
Paulig Health Protect

Paulig Health Protect contains the active substance resveratrol. This serves to protect the nerves. We use it in the field of ophthalmology in connection with glaucoma to enable a better healing.

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Paulig Lipo Spray

Our Paulig Lipo Spray sprinkle the eye and thus acts against red eyes, burning eyes and computer eye syndrom and thus provides a more pleasant feeling.

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Paulig Pads with Aloe Vera

Our Paulig Pads with Aloe Vera for facial hygiene wipes with hyaluronic acid and aloe vera. It cleans and refreshes the skin and is very suitable for traveling or for cleaning with eye inflammations.

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Paulig Eye Clinic / Paulig Research Institut
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Dr. Sylvia Paulig
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