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The company KIEHL DBT GmbH is a producer of highend quality professional instruments and accessories for pedicure, podiatry, manicure and beauty care. Our instruments are designed for the professional demand and every-day sterilization but also sold to endconsumers who are looking for quality. The company is an old established family business with a brand tradition of more than 200 years from Solingen in Germany.

For more than 200 years the family Kiehl has been making instruments for bodycare of outstanding quality and design. Today Kiehl DBT GmbH is a leading expert for professional foot- and nailcare including training and equipment for podiatrists and beauticians.

The range is completed by retail-lines of manicure and footcare of outstanding quality and design.

Products and services

Highest quality instruments for naildesign and professional pedicure like nippers, burrs, footfiles and tweezers.

High quality cuticle nippers for professionals

Titaniumcarbonide tools for manicure and pedicure

Professional high quality implements for bodycare

KIEHL DBT Direct Beauty Technologies GmbH
Mangenbergerstr. 96
42655 Solingen

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Fax: +49 212 208611
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Thomas Lang
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News & Innovations

KIEHL Titaniumcarbonide nippers

A recently developed high-end surface with anoutstanding hardness like a diamond with an extremelifetime.

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