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KLAPP Cosmetics is a pioneer in the world of beauty and stands for innovative cosmetic treatments ahead of their time. For us “Made in Germany” is a promise of quality. Over 40 years of experience and continuous research and development of new high-tech active ingredients and methods, always resulting in the highest treatment success.

In Germany alone 250 employees, of which 50 work on-site in the customer service department, take care of your individual wishes and needs.

We have earned the trust of over 10,000 cosmetic institutes and hotels in over 60 countries.

Products and services

KLAPP Cosmetics offers you everything that you need for your success. What we do, we do out of conviction. That is why you are allocated a contact person in the KLAPP headquarters. Because we want you to feel happy working with us and make sure that you receive a quick and competent answer to any questions you may have. The exceptional KLAPP treatments and products focus on the innovative and diverse treatment concepts, which are complemented by the add-on products for use at home. All KLAPP concepts are developed for each skin type and each skin condition, for both women and men, for face and body – for holistic beauty. The result are flawless products with individual application for skin care, regeneration and wellness. We offer all our products as OEM / Private Label.


The anti-aging volume booster with the PAG Longlife Code, the newest high-tech active ingredient based on scientific research, against all signs of skin aging. The Booster Emulsion supports long cell life and youthfully beautiful skin.

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Long, thick eyelashes and full eyebrows as well as a smooth and radiantly beautiful area around the eyes are every woman’s wish. KLAPP Cosmetics makes this wish come true.
After intensive research for new, innovative and fast-acting high-tech active ingredients we are introducing three new products to fulfill your individual requirements and achieve long-lasting results.

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Facial expressions, free radicals, dehydration, genetic predisposition and a number of other factors cause the skin to lose its fresh look and elasticity over time. Most skin care products only counteract individual signs of aging. With the new REPAGEN® EXCLUSIVE, the beauty pioneer Gerhard Klapp now offers a global innovation with an all-round anti-aging effect. The secret of REPAGEN® EXCLUSIVE lies in the pioneering high-tech ingredients.

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News & Innovations

Soi Grape Royal 24 Hour Creme Mousse

Pamper the skin with the masterpiece by GK – Gerhard Klapp – for beautiful, firm skin!

Expect unique skin care with the finest active ingredients from the latest in cosmetics research and high-tech science – developed with the royal champagne grape!

Skin type: Demanding, dry skin

Skin condition: Visible signs of skin aging

Main active ingredients: Extract from the royal grape, QT40®, antarcticine, pentavitin, grape seed oil, vitamin E, shea butter

Properties: Intensive and rich, skin smoothing, improves skin thickness, firmness and elasticity, for a refined skin surface.

Benefit: Mousse-like texture, stimulates the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid, moisturizes, binds hyaluronic acid, reduces collagen degradation, protects and restructures, nourishing with anti-oxidant protection.


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